3x a week plan- $155/month –  (includes 3 classes a week or 12 per month. You may come to open gym times but they will count as 1 of your 3 classes.)

3x a week with Discount- $145/month – (Same rules as normal 3x a week plan. We offer a discount to: Current Military, Police, Firefighters, Students)

Unlimited Plan- $185/month –  (includes unlimited class attendance to WODs, as well as open gym times and any specialty classes.)

Unlimited w/Discount- $165/month –  (Same rules as normal unlimited. We offer a discount to: Current Military, Police, Firefighters, Students)

Couples Unlimited Plan- $315/Month – (Same rules as normal Unlimited plan. We offer a discount for couples joining the gym.)

Couples 3x a week Plan- $275/Month  – (same rules as normal 3x a week plan. We offer a discount to couples joining the gym)

On-Ramp -$50 (or $75 for couples) – On-ramps are required if you do not have CrossFit experience. We take extra time to work with you teaching you the basics so you can be prepared for regular classes. The On-ramp fee is in addition to your first month. 

Drop-in rates- $15 or buy a shirt for $25 

Insurance reimbursement – We work with Health Partners and Preferred One insurance to get you a $20 reimbursement. Contact to get started after you have become a member.

CrossFit Kids Pricing – 1x per week $55/month, 2x per week $75/month, 3x per week $85/month 

No long term contracts. We bill by reoccurring payment accepting Visa, Mastercard or ACH. Please give a 30 day cancellation  notice via e-mail. 




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