Drop-ins- We require that drop in athletes have 2 months of CrossFit experience at another CrossFit affiliate. No need to email or call, just show up to class 5 minutes early to fill out a waiver. The drop in rate is $15 or shirt+drop in for $25.

If the group On-Ramps do not fit your schedule you have the option to do 1 on 1 on-ramps with a coach for a cost of $30 per class. Typically it takes 2-3 classes to finish 1 on 1 On-ramps. Please contact the manager of the location you will be attending most.

Saint Paul-  Roseville-



We alternate the location weekly for Gymnastics, and Mobility classes, check below for location.

April 9-15 North
April 16 -22  South
April 23-29 North
April 30-May 6 South
May 7- 13 North
May 14-20  South
May 21-27 North
May 28- June- 3 South

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